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If you you would like to submit your line for representation, please visit this page for more information and the application: Vendor Application 

Absolutely!  We hope everyone will have a chance to visit and be inspired by our amazing collection of vendors.  We are open 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday.  If you are visiting Austin and would like to book a weekend appointment, please email us at austin@jamesshowroom.com and we will make our best effort to accommodate you.

Our Dallas Showroom is located in the Dallas Designer Center at 1025 N. Stemmons Fwy #210, adjacent to and within CODARUS.  Our suite is near George Cameron Nash between Made Goods and Corragio.

Our are excited to be opening our Houston Showroom  on the Third Floor of the Decorative Center of Houston in September 2019.  

The Austin Resource Library will be an appointment only space for interior designers located at  1411 West 6th Street Unit B. The Library will be opening in October 2019.  Parking is available on Oakland Ave. (turn left on Oakland just before you reach the showroom),

Simple!  Please fill out the trade application on our website or email  the showroom.  We will send you the appropriate form to fill out and return to us.  You will need to include a copy of your tax permit, a business card, or other identifying business information.  If you require immediate assistance, please reach out to us at either austin@jamesshowroom.com or dallas@jamesshowroom.com and we will be happy to help!

We offer a wide variety of curated fabrics, wallpapers, lighting, furniture, carpets, art, and accessories for our retail clients through our Austin showroom.  Custom options are reserved for trade clients only.

If you have an account with JAMES, you simply have to contact the showroom nearest you for all your fabric, wallpaper and carpet sample needs.  If you have not yet set up an account, we ask that you fill out the necessary paperwork when you submit your first request.  If you are not a designer, please email us at austin@jamesshowroom.com with your request.  You will be asked to fill out a Credit Card Authorization form in the event the samples are not returned within the specified time. ($10 per sample)

Yes! We regularly meet with designers all over Texas and beyond.  If you are unable to visit our showrooms in Dalla, Houston, or Austin and would like to view the lines we represent, please email or call the showroom to set up your trade account.  We will add your name to our roster and notify you of upcoming dates when JAMES Showroom will be in your area.

We do not stock yardage of any fabrics or wallpaper in our showroom. Some of the lines we represent stock some of their goods while others are made to order, meaning the vendor does not print or weave the product until payment has been received and the order has been placed. If you have a tight deadline we can make recommendations, and check with our vendors to see if they have anything available that fits your needs.  Express shipping is available for most of our vendors.

The minimum order requirements for fabric and wallpaper vary depending on the vendor.

Unfortunately we cannot offer wallpaper and fabric quantity estimates. It is the client’s responsibility to contact a professional wallpaper hanger or upholsterer for your quantity estimate.

Designers should contact the showroom directly for any fabric, wallpaper, lighting, furniture, or carpet quotes.  If you are not a designer, please email austin@jamesshowroom.com  and someone will reach out to you with a price quote. Be sure to include the quantity of wallpaper or fabric you will need.  This will allow us to check stock and verify availability.

Unfortunately we do not offer design services, but we are always happy to offer suggestions when time allows!  We love to dream up new schemes!